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Our Products
        Top Row: Left to Right
  • KS Peanut with Skin
  • Kotashima Sweet Rice
  • Kotashima Brown Rice
  • Akeya Rice - Premium Quality Multigrain Rice
  • Vegehope Vegetarian Seasoning
  • Yuen Vegetarian Seasoning

        Left Column:
Top to Bottom

  • Oldman Que Huong Brand -  802 & 601 Rice Sticks
  • Oldman Que Huong Brand - Pho Spice Seasoning
  • Kim's Bowl Instant Noodle Vegetarian Tom-Yum 
  • Double Parrot Rose Spring Roll Wrapper
  • Super Mixed Spice Seasonings (Gia Vi Nau Lau)

        Right Column:
Top to Bottom

  • IHA Brand Chia Seeds 
  • Oldman Que Huong Brand Fish Sauces (Mam)
  • Other Fish Sauces (Mam Nem)
  • Oldman Que Huong Brand - Pho Spice Seasoning
  • Maggie Arome French Soy Sauce, Best Soy Sauce & Super.Q Vegetarian Soy Sauce

           Bottom Row:  Left to Right

  • Tsai's Herbal Mix (Thuoc Xong Bac Thai)
  • SG Incense Sticks
  • IHA French Style Baking Powder 3 kg x 2
  • IHA French Style Baking Powder Small Pack
  • Beurdell French Butter
  • Double Parrot Fish Sauces (Nuoc Mam Nhi Phu Quoc & Nuoc Mam Phan Thiet)

Other Product Categories:

  • Beans & Nuts: Peanuts, Soybeans, Red Beans,Mung Beans, Blackye Beans, etc.
  • Burmese Products: Roast Lab Lab Beans, Burmese Noodles, Betel Nuts, Chewing Tobacco, etc. 
  • Canned Foods: Olive, Lotus Seeds, Straw Mushroom, Spears Asparagus, Water Chestnut, Vietnamese Pho Broth, Soursop, etc.
  • Dried Products: Vinegar, Salted Eggs, Dates, Beancurds, Vietnamese Cake Powders, Tapioca Dices, Spices, Millets, Wheat, Barley, Corn, MSG, Coffee, Cheese, Sesame Seeds, Chia Seeds, Rock Sugar, Brown Sugar, Honey, Maltose, Shrimp Crackers, Peppers, Fried Unions, Wet Tamarind, etc.
  • Dried Seafoods: Salted Fish, Red Snapper, Dried Shrimp, Jelly Fish, Gouramy, Pork Skins, etc.
  • Dried Vegetables: Shiitake Mushroom, Black & White Fungus, Lily Flower, Bamboo Shoot, Preserved Turnip, Betel Nut, Dried Chili, Black & White Peppers, etc.
  • Frozen Foods: Frozen Fish, Vietnamese Cakes, etc. 
  • Fish & Shrimp Sauces: Over 100 Kinds 
  • Herbal Powders: Instant Herbal Teas, Lo Han Kuo Beverage, Chrysnthemum Beverage, etc.
  • Herbal Teas: All Kinds, Cane & Arrow Root Stocks, Ching Po Leung, Keichi, Ginseng, etc. 
  • Kam Wah Mooncakes: Lotus Seed, Mixed Nuts, Red Bean, Mung Bean, Taro, Durian, etc.
  • Noodles:   Oldman Que Huong Brand Rice Sticks, Vermicelli, Bean Threads, etc.
  • Lunar New Year Candies: Vietnamese Style New Year Candies, Red Melon Seeds, Sesame Candies, etc.
  • Non-Food: Mortar & Pestle, Cutting Boards, Earthwares, Teapots, Brooms, Baskets, Dish Covers, Vietnamese Hats, Dust Pans, Coffe Filter, Lotus Leaves, Playing Cards, Red Envelopes, Toothpicks, Chopsticks, Mats, Vietnamese Board Games, Knives, Rubber Bands, Plastic Chairs, Plastic Sandals, Hammocks, etc.
  • Earthwares: Woks, Porridge Pots, Tea Pots, Cook Wares, Stainless Steel Steamers, etc.
  • Joss Products: Joss paper, Joss Sticks, Candles, etc.
  • Oil Products:  Soybean, Corn, Canola, Olive, Sesame & Peanut Oils, etc.
  • Powder & Flour : Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Vietnamese Cake Flour, etc.
  • Rice Products: Multi-grain Rice, Brown Rice, Red Rice, Black Rice, Black Sweet Rice, "Nang Thom Cho Dao" Rice, Thai Jasmine Rice, Sweet Rice, etc.
  • Sauces :  All Kinds, Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce, Shrimp Sauce, Hoisin Sauce, Chili Sauce. Tuong Cu Da Sauce, etc. 
  • Snacks:  Peanut Crackers, Melon Seeds, Flower Candies, Coffee Candies, Juicy Candies, Roasted Peanuts, Preserved Prunes, Preserved Plums, Haw Flakes, Crackers, Shimp Chips, etc.
  • Spring Roll Wrappers:  All Kinds of Vietnamese Style rice papers, Black Sesame Crackers & White Sesame Crackers, etc.
  • Tea Products:  Jasmine, Oolong, Ginseng, Green Teas (Teas in Tins, Boxes, Bags, Tea Bag Sachets), etc.