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Company Timeline

1983   Kim Seng Company started its small business in Monterey Park, CA in 1983.  In the beginning, the Company distributed only a variety of Asian food products to local businesses primarily in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego County.

1986   Due to its increased sales, the Company moved to a warehouse facility approximately 20,000 sq-ft in Los Angeles Chinatown to better serve its customers.  By this time, the Company had already developed its first trademark KS logo/design (meaning Kim Seng). Today, KS peanuts & many other KS bean products have been widely available in many Asian supermarkets and grocery stores throughout the United States.

1993   Due to the continued growth of its business, the Company moved to a larger 30,000 sq-ft warehouse space.  Approximately in 1996, the Company then leased an additional 20,000 sq-ft warehouse to accommodate its business expansion;  That's a total of 50,000 sq-ft of inventory.  The importation of Asian food products & distribution of American agricultural products increased substantially.  Company sales also maintained a double-digit growth.

2000   To maintain the continued growth of its business, the Company consolidated its two warehouses from Los Angeles and moved to a 90,000 sq-ft warehouse in Montebello, CA, about 10 miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles.  Since 2000, the Company has become a major Asian food importer and distributor in Los Angeles area.  During this time, the Company had established itself as a reputable importer in the view of oversea Asian food suppliers.  Due to the Company's sincere business dealing, good-faith business practices with its credit worthiness, the Company has been enjoying competitive pricing from oversea suppliers. During this time period, the Company had also distributed many new popular high quality
health products, such as KOTASHIMA multi-grain rice, AKEYA rice, and VEGEHOPE vegetarian seasoning to accommodate the forever changing needs of health-conscious consumers.  By this time, the Company had already successfully developed high quality, one-of-its-kind OLDMAN QUE HUONG BRAND pho seasoning and rice noodle products (rice sticks & various kinds of vermicelli). Today, these popular OLD MAN QUE HUONG rice sticks remain one of the highest demand and best selling rice stick products in many Chinese & Vietnamese grocery stores.

2006 - PRESENT  Due to the continued growth of its business, the Company once again had to move to an even bigger warehouse to serve its customers.  In 2006, the Company moved to and is now permanently relocated in a brand new 150,000 sq-ft state-of-the-art office and warehousing facility in City of Commerce, CA.  The facility is equipped with large, high-efficient, high-ceiling, state-of-the-art cooler and freezer storages, centralized burglary & fire sprinkler system, and a 48 digital security camera monitoring system throughout the facility 24 hours a day.

Due to the continued success of its business growth plan, the Company strives to continue its commitment of providing the highest quality of its products with the most competitive prices. In particular, the 802 rice stick continues to be the best selling rice stick product in many Chinese & Vietnamese grocery stores throughout the U.S.A.  We also offer the delicious, seasonal pastry, Kam Wah Mooncakes & Kam Wah Egg Yolk Pies.  These mooncakes and Egg Yolk Pies can be found at many of your local Costco Wholesale in Northern and Southern California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington state, Alaska, New York/New Jersey, and Washington DC/Maryland. The Company also carries many French-Vietnamese favorites such as IHA Beverage French Style baking powder, MAGGI arome saveur seasoning, and the popular SANITARY RUST-FREE ALUMINUM CAN French premium quality butter Beurdell Beurre Demi-Sel.  

Of note, the historic French butter manufacturer has been in operation since the mid-1930s, and its primary business is manufacturing the very finest quality "Made in France" butter.  This 80+ year-old well trusted manufacturer made the butter with 3 brands Beurdell, Bretel, and Frentel; 

manufacturer has been continuing to make the same good old finest quality with SANITARY RUST-FREE ALUMINUM CAN BUTTER for Beurdell.  Since 2011, the manufacturer had STOPPED making Frentel butter.  Therefore from now on, don't be fooled and confused by other inferior butter. Beurdell is the finest quality French butter that you can find out there on the market.

As for product delivery, the Company is committed to provide the best customer service to its customers.  With a fleet of company-owned trucks delivering products locally, the Company maintains the highest customer service satisfaction throughout a 120 mile-radius area.  All local customers virtually have the same or next day free delivery on every order. As for out-of-state customers, the Company has been working with over dozens of reliable and competitive common carriers to deliver its products throughout the United States and part of Canada.

Lastly, with over 5,000 products in its inventory to serve its customers, Kim Seng Company is the obvious right place to be the one-stop shop for food grocers.

Kim Seng Company

Throughout the last few decades, Kim Seng Company has been in the business of importing and distributing primarily dried & refrigerated food products from Asian and European countries.  The Company is also the direct distributor of high quality American agricultural food products.

Today Kim Seng Company, located in the Commerce, CA, is one of the largest Asian ethnic food & grocery importers and distributors in the greater Los Angeles area.  The Company distributes its imported & domestic food products throughout the United States and part of Canada, Mexico, and Guam.  Its customers include other food importers, distributors, wholesalers, warehouse clubs, supermarkets, restaurants, bakery stores, casino, mom-and-pop stores, etc.  The Company carries thousands of food products and hundreds of other non-food household items.  The Company has been in this food distribution business since 1983.

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Company's Trademarks

        Kim Seng Company currently owns over fifty (50) Registered Trademarks/Service Marks for its products & services, issued and certified by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

Company's Copyrights
        Kim Seng Company also owns over seventy (70) Registered Copyrights for its packaging designs, issued and certified by the United States Copyright Office.

Company's Customers

168 Supermarkets

        99 Ranch Supermarkets

        Ajisen Ramen

Costco Wholesale

        Hong Kong Supermarkets

        Red Ribbon Bakeshop

San Manuel Casino

Shun Fat Superstores (Cho Thuan Phat)


        and over other 1,000 independently                            owned businesses.